Charity Quilting Bee – Part 2!

Monday, May 13 meant another pilgrimage to Langley for the second instalment of the Charity Quilting Bee. A smaller number of quilters could attend this session, but although we were small in number, we got a lot of work done.

Hard at work
Also working hard!

We arrived to find all the quilt tops we pieced 2 weeks ago sandwiched and ready to go. I suppose if one really wanted to, she could have searched through the pile to find the top she pieced. That seemed like a lot of unnecessary effort, so I opted to take the quilt on the top of the pile. Easy Peasy!

This was definitely not the quilt I pieced, which was a lovely selection of batiks in a neutral palette of whites, greys, browns and blacks. This quilt was all about COLOUR!! This will brighten the recipient’s day, no doubt about it!

Bright and Cheerful!

I planned to rock out with FMQ Loops and Swirls (no surprise there!), but, although I tried to be the Queen of Preplanning, I forgot to pack my Machingers quilting gloves ๐Ÿ™

I might have been able to manage without the gloves at home – my machine is sunk down into my sewing desk so I have one BIG flat surface….

My amazing micrometer wielding, power tool using husband adapted my sewing desk for me <3

….but, I was not at home. *Luckily*, I brought my walking foot! Change on the fly!! Quilting plan is now to Stitch In The Ditch!

Not my usual go to, but Stitch In The Ditch it is!

We were once again spoiled with a full spread for lunch. The dessert tray included Nanaimo Bars, which I ate first. Always eat dessert first, I say! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lunch break!

Back to work!

It needed more oomph than straight Stitch In The Ditch quilting, so I decided to add a diagonal serpentine stitch through all the blocks as well.

Time for the binding

Because these quilts are meant to get lots of use, we opted to machine stitch both the front and the back of the binding on.

Ready for its new home ๐Ÿ™‚

A big thanks to Suzy and Mark for their generous gift of all the quilting supplies (and lunch!) and to A Great Notion in Langley for the use of their classroom space.

All in all, a fun, productive two days of quilting! I hope all the finished quilts produced during this Charity Quilting Bee bring joy and comfort to the recipients.

Charity Quilting Bee

On Monday I took part in a charity quilting bee, hosted at a local quilting shop….well, an hour’s-drive-away local…and organized by a very generous couple who wanted to gift a senior’s care home with 24 lap quilts for the residents. They provided all the supplies (even thread). All we had to bring was our sewing machines and an empty bobbin! We just picked up a kit and started piecing…

Some assembly required….

>>>on a side note, if I’m going to do this blog thing, I’m really going to have to get in the habit of taking more photos!

4 hours of piecing later – including a union approved lunch break of veggies and dip, sandwiches and the most glorious dessert tray (…..I REALLY need to take more photos!) provided, again, by the quilting bee organizers, TA DAAA!!!

Completed Charity Lap Quilt

I chose a kit full of black/brown/neutral batiks…certainly suitable for a man, but there were some kits of the most vibrant colours that sewed up into a beautiful quilt. I will really *try* to get more photos when we all meet up again, to showcase everyone else’s work.

We go back in 2 weeks to do the FMQ. The quilt tops will be sandwiched and ready to go, and the binding will be supplied. This will be done on our domestic machines,,,,so I expect I will be rockin’ some form of…..loops and swirls (are you surprised? LOL)

I was very happy they had a space at the quilting table for me. It feels good to give back, however small <3

Remarkable Impressions Ltd. Longarm Quilting is *soon to be* born!

I’m a very hands on crafter…I want to do every step of the process with my own two hands. I take pride in knowing that when I create something, it is 100% me.

I have been a fibre artist my entire life. I think back to what influenced me to love creating, since no one in my immediate family was passionate about handwork,,,,it must have been my favourite book as a child that stoked the flames of creativity in my mind – Tell Me Cat by Ellen Fisher. A book full of cat poems (what could be better than that!??!), each poem accompanied by the most glorious embroidered scenes to go along with the photos of real cats. I’ve had this book since I was a toddler, and I’ve been hooked ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

Copyright 1967
Just look at that mouse’s shadow ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a very hands on crafterโ€ฆI want to do every step of the process with my own two hands. I take pride in knowing that when I create something, it is 100% me.

When I started quilting, I did everything on my domestic sewing machine. This prompted me to buy a larger throat machine (Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 835), and I would FMQ all my quilts on that – loops and swirls all the way, baby! My two older grandkids each received a twin sized quilt on their 6th birthday – sharks for Trent and kitties for Kylee, both FMQ with, you guessed it, loops and swirls!

Old joints are starting to catch up to me and I’m more and more disliking the process of crawling around on the floor to pin baste my quilts. A longarm machine purchase was always in the back of my mind, but the only way I could justify the expense was to do it as a business, and we already had a successful homebased (crafty!) business ( I didn’t need or want to increase my workload.

Grandchild #3 comes along, and although T & K had to wait until they were 6 to get their first quilt, I decided to make Rosalee a baby quilt. I was able to find a longarm owner who was willing to let me use her machine for the afternoon, so I could longarm the baby quilt – the crafting community is full of such wonderful people!

No crawling around on the floor pin basting! No bringing it all outside for spray basting! No more feeling constrained to only loops and swirls. As a quilter, I felt REBORN!

When brother Ryan and *new* sister-in-law Lea Ann decided to cement their 20 year relationship with a spur of the moment marriage last June, wedding quilt piecing began! Their oversized king quilt (125″ x 125″) was the deciding factor in making the jump into longarm ownership. I could not find a longarmer with a quilting frame large enough to accommodate this quilt that I could rent time on (because remember, it’s all or nothing with me)… I will be that longarmer!

After a lot of research and discussion, we decided to go with a 14′ Gammill Statler machine. Both Peter and I have experience working with CAD based and computer graphics software, so the learning curve should not be too steep. Reorganization of the entire house is now underway – Sunset Studios is still active and taking up the room that will become the longarm quilting studio. There is a LOT of stuff that needs to find a new place to live. We are living real life ‘Tetris’ right now ๐Ÿ˜›

We hope to be ready for delivery of the machine by July and then we will hit the ground running!