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On Monday I took part in a charity quilting bee, hosted at a local quilting shop….well, an hour’s-drive-away local…and organized by a very generous couple who wanted to gift a senior’s care home with 24 lap quilts for the residents. They provided all the supplies (even thread). All we had to bring was our sewing machines and an empty bobbin! We just picked up a kit and started piecing…

Some assembly required….

>>>on a side note, if I’m going to do this blog thing, I’m really going to have to get in the habit of taking more photos!

4 hours of piecing later – including a union approved lunch break of veggies and dip, sandwiches and the most glorious dessert tray (…..I REALLY need to take more photos!) provided, again, by the quilting bee organizers, TA DAAA!!!

Completed Charity Lap Quilt

I chose a kit full of black/brown/neutral batiks…certainly suitable for a man, but there were some kits of the most vibrant colours that sewed up into a beautiful quilt. I will really *try* to get more photos when we all meet up again, to showcase everyone else’s work.

We go back in 2 weeks to do the FMQ. The quilt tops will be sandwiched and ready to go, and the binding will be supplied. This will be done on our domestic machines,,,,so I expect I will be rockin’ some form of…..loops and swirls (are you surprised? LOL)

I was very happy they had a space at the quilting table for me. It feels good to give back, however small <3