Remarkable Impressions Ltd. longarm quilting should be up and running August, 2019.

Contact us in the meantime if you have any questions or special requests.

Preparing your Quilt Top for Longarm Quilting

  • Clip any lose threads from the underside and sides.
  • If you find your fabric is “stretchy” (ie: you have edge triangles that were cut on the bias (half square triangles) instead of straight of grain (quarter square triangles), or Minky backing fabric) stay stitch all around your quilt top, 1/8″ from the edge – this will eliminate any further stretching.
  • Square your quilt top as best you can to 90° on either side – this will ensure easier loading onto the quilt frame.
  • A common problem long armers come across are wavy borders. We try our best to work around wavy borders to ensure your quilting comes out without any puckers. If we feel the ideal quilting experience cannot be achieved we will call you immediately. To avoid wavy borders, refer to this document
    created by Robin Strobel.
  • Press your top and if possible, provide on a hanger to eliminate the majority of wrinkles (preferred but not mandatory).

Preparing your Batting for Longarm Quilting

  • If providing your own batting, ensure it is the same size as your backing (see below).
  • We offer a variety of batting in our studio / online store: Hobbs 80/20 (white and black), Hobbs 100% Cotton, Hobbs Wool,
  • If mailing your quilt, we suggest letting us provide the batting for ease of shipping.

Preparing your Backing for Longarm Quilting

  • Your backing MUST be 8-10” wider and longer than your pieced quilt top (eg: if your top is 90″ x 90″, your backing needs to be a minimum of 4″ bigger on all sides – top, bottom, right and left sides = 98″ x 98″).
  • You can choose regular width quilting cotton. Piece your backing to the appropriate size, and remember, you MUST remove the selvage edges before sewing together. The selvages have a tighter weave and will not shrink at the same percentage as the rest of the fabric. You must provide your own, as we do not have regular width fabrics in our studio or online store.
    • TIP: when piecing your backing, use 5/8″ seam and press open. Horizontal seams are preferred, but vertical will work too.
  • You can choose extra wide backing at 108″-110″ wide. You may provide your own, or shop our variety of choices in our studio / online store.
  • Square your quilt back as best you can to 90° on either side, this will ensure easier loading onto the quilt frame.
  • Press your back and if possible, provide on a hanger to eliminate the majority of wrinkles (preferred but not mandatory).

Long Arm Quilting Costs

All pricing is being determined at this time to provide you with the best rate possible. The website will be updated in due course and all pricing will be varified / discussed at time of quilt intake.

What is Come From Away (Mail In) Longarm Quilting Service?

Come From Away Quilting Service is an almost magical way to have your quilt tops quilted!

  1. Make a quilt top!
  2. Use our Come From Away quilt builder system to build your perfect finished quilt!
  3. Mail your top to us and just like magic, we send it back quilted and trimmed!

Our Come From Away quilt builder system is mobile and tablet friendly!

Please contact us if you have any issues and we will be happy to help!

Thank you for choosing Remarkable Impressions Ltd. for your long arm quilting! We are honoured to be entrusted with your quilting masterpieces. We have experience and a love of quilting, just like you, and are happy to offer a professional service to complete your quilts! If you are happy with our work and the service we provided, please tell others!! Issues do not often arise, however, it must be acknowledged that mistakes are possible. If you’re not happy with the results, please tell us! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will do everything we can to make it right for you. Occasionally, the quilting options you have chosen may not turn out the way you pictured in your mind; we can not be held responsible for completing your project the way you requested it to be completed. Remarkable Impressions Ltd. will do its best to provide you with a prompt, courteous, and accurate longarm quilting service. By sending us your quilt, you are trusting our judgment as well as trusting that we will make optimum decisions when completing your quilt. Please note that your quilt will be quilted in the condition it arrives at our studio. If you have open seams or excessive thread you would like us to fix for you, we will be happy to provide this service. Our labour rate is $35/hour.