pricing & services



(plus applicable taxes)

Edge to Edge (e2e) Quilting

2.5¢ / in²

e2e with Border (or multiple borders)

+ 1¢ / in² per each border


+ 1¢ / in²

Custom Quilting

$28 / hour (will discuss prior)

ironing / seaming / other services

$28 / hour (will discuss prior)

Longarm quilting rates include: friendly service, thread, new titanium needle, turning the quilt (if required), trimming the quilt . . . NO surprise charges

no additional fees for rush quilts 

Time slips away and events like Grandma’s 75th birthday or your child’s university graduation just seem to sneak up and you need your flimsy quilted…FAST!

Sometimes it’s a bereavement quilt, or a comfort quilt for an ailing friend.

I understand, and so do my customers.

That’s why your quilt can jump the queue (which can often be 2 months or more), to be completed to meet your deadline…just don’t make it a habit, or as permission to procrastinate 😁

Christmas is a very busy time in the longarm studio. I will do my best to complete your special gift, but this is where you can help out by getting your flimsy to me early, before the rush.